1.7~ The Start of Something New

04-26-17_8-37-52 PM

Their final day at the boardwalk was bittersweet. Sure, they still see each other a few times a week or so, but being without them for the first time in three days was going to be a tough adjustment. For Pegasus, he did not want to let go of their vacation yet and as such returned home later than expected. Draco stayed up, patiently waiting for his brother to return home safely. Things were looking completely up for his little brother, like he was never on TV and rejected for all to see. He motions Pegasus over, curious to hear how his days were at the Promenade. Draco was considering bringing the kids for a week or so.04-26-17_8-40-18 PM

“Late night I see? Not quite ready to let go of vacation, huh?”

“Not at all, I’m sorry that I haven’t been around to help with the little ones lately. Did they enjoy their trip to Grandma’s house?”

Draco laughs, his young children were always eager to see their grandparents. Whatever she did for them was like magic, they never wanted to comeback home afterwards!

“Greatly. I brought them home kicking and screaming. No need to apologize, brother. They are my children after all, I should not expect to raise them. I thank you for all you’ve done so far.”

Something in Draco’s eyes makes Pegasus feel uncomfortable. His brother’s brown eyes were awfully sad, and he didn’t typically see him this way.

“Somethings wrong, isn’t it?”

“Not at all-“

“Draco, please, you helped me. Let me help you.”

The Major sons talk for some time in hushed voices, Ruth and the children were asleep and did not need to hear of Draco’s troubles. He was be in pain if either of his sweet children heard his words. Ruth was just unbearable lately, always criticizing and rude towards both Draco and Pegasus.  Not to mention her constant hateful comments about Pegasus’s sexuality. Draco was terrified that she’d call it off one day. He didn’t want to see their marriage dissolve because of him.

04-26-17_8-41-04 PM

Pegasus stops his brother’s worried babbles with a tight hug. It was time, Pegasus could tell, for him to move out. He had plenty of friends in the city he could be with, if it would save his brother the worry of fussing over him.

~ — ~ — ~

It’s been roughly a month and a half since Pegasus had made the decision to move out. He’s house hopped between Maddie’s apartment, Janey & Flossie’s house, and more recently Galaxy’s penthouse. Since moving out, Pegasus has let his hair grow back in the patch where he took a razor to it and gone back to his natural hair. For the first time in quite a few years he was a brunette. Though it wouldn’t be for long, he missed his vibrant hair already. 05-25-17_9-48-39 AM

He might have moved out the building, but Pegasus didn’t stop being the coolest uncle his niece and nephew had. He still spent time with them as often as he could and let them do things their mother would most likely disapprove of. Today they were out on a picnic in the park. Pegasus and Eleanor had a shared love for splashing around in the fountain. Her birthday had recently passed, she was seven now.

Eleanor giggled as she splashed water at Pegasus. Her new socks were soaking wet and her princess shoes were no doubt going to make squishy noises at her. None of it mattered to a seven year old though. This was just pure fun, no matter what her mother said.

“Eleanor Olivia! Get out of that fountain now!!”

“Uncle Peggy said it was okay!”

“And I said get out! Your new outfit is going to be ruined!”

05-25-17_9-51-07 AM

Eleanor grumbled her way out of the fountain and flopped onto the blanket with a pout. Her fun ruined, and her soggy shoes now making her uncomfortable. She kicks them off into the bushes and takes off her socks as well. Nothing was ever allowed to be fun when her mother was around.

“I’m uh- sorry. I didn’t think it’d be a big deal since it’s only water.”

“Well of course you wouldn’t know! You don’t have children! What is he doing here anyway Draco. I told you Cassie-oh-pie-ah was to watch them from now on!”05-25-17_9-51-26 AM

Draco could see the hurt on Pegasus’s face, he was done sitting around and letting her say stuff like that around him. He was fed up with her trying to keep their children’s uncle away from them. It wasn’t like he was a bad influence to them! Pegasus wasn’t an alcoholic or an addict, he was tatted and- hell he didn’t even dye his hair anymore!

Pegasus was by all standards normal save for his sexuality. Ruth picked on him solely for that reason.

Draco sends the children and Pegasus away, wanting to speak with his wife privately.

05-25-17_9-53-46 AM

Pegasus wasn’t really sure where to go with the two young children. The only place he could bring them was to the reception hall on the park’s property. Weddings were commonly held here and when one wasn’t scheduled for that day, it was a nice place to get some shelter from the sun. Eleanor immediately ran off to the bathrooms, most likely to dry her socks best she could.05-25-17_9-54-39 AM

Meanwhile the children were completely oblivious to the fight happening between their parents.05-25-17_9-55-41 AM

Honestly, so was Pegasus. He would not know that the two bicker aimlessly because of both him, and their relationship with one another.05-25-17_9-58-49 AM

Eleanor comes back with damp socks and her shoes cradled in her arms. She whines softly about how she doesn’t want to wear the wet socks or shoes, that she wants to run around in her bare feet instead. Something Pegasus found completely normal for a girl her age to do, yet Ruth found completely disgraceful.

The three hang around the reception area for some time, Pegasus both watching out the window for any signs of the fight stopping and texting Maddox about going out for dinner with Galaxy and Luca soon. The three of them had shared a room during their vacation some time ago and he missed being with them. Not to mention being around three cuties was exactly his idea of fun. As the group text moves a million letters a minute, Pegasus tells his niece and nephew to come with him to the bathroom. That it would only be a moment and doesn’t want to leave them by themselves.05-25-17_10-00-07 AM

Just before he leaves the stall, a direct message makes Pegasus stop for a moment and read it. Seeing the sender, and it’s purpose. Pegasus quickly tucks his phone into his pocket and leaves the stall.


Maddie☆ ;; ‘Hey, i’m all for getting together with Gala and Lucky. But I really need to know about us.’


Pegasus was sweating trying to come up with responses in his head. So they’ve possibly had sex and cuddled two months ago? What was that relationship wise? Friends with benefits maybe? But that’s not what Pegasus wants from him, he wants so much more than that and his heart knows it.


Maddie☆;; ‘I get that this is sorta from nowhere, but I don’t want to keep playing this game Pega.’


Pegasus can’t hand the kids back off to their parents quicker, he gives a hurried farewell and speed walks towards his car. Not trusting himself to start reading the incoming messages until he can be completely alone.


Maddie☆;; ‘Is it unfair to be asking? I know you’re struggling with this whole sexuality thing but. . .’


Pegasus slams his door shut and locks it, taking a few moments to catch his breath before reading the 2 new messages Maddox had sent. Then almost breaking into tears at the next one coming in.


Maddie☆;; ‘I’m not looking for “I love you” or anything. I just don’t want to keep chase if you’re not interested.’

& Peggy;; ‘I am interested! Where’d this suddenly come from?’

Maddie☆;; ‘Oh, yay!! okay that’s good to hear. Now my anxiety can tone it down. I’ve had a lot of people tell me lately they think you’re pretty cute and I would have stepped out of their way if I needed to.’

& Peggy;; ‘Well you’re not allowed!! Swing by Gal’s place in 10? I will prove to you I am very interested!’

Maddie☆;; ‘OoooOoooO’

Maddie☆;;’Is this a date 😉 my daddy wants me back by 10′

& Peggy;; ‘Maybe it is, maybe it’s not’

& Peggy;; ‘Also please never use the word daddy near me again. I knew a girl in high school with a daddy fetish.’



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