1.6~ Blind Eyes See Best

This Chapter is for your imagination! No pictures will appear in this chapter. Have fun and welcome back!

“Now you swear you can’t see anything, right Pega?”

“Yes, I swear! Everything’s black as night in my eyes.”

With the summer in full swing, Pegasus and his group of friends had decidedly gone on a semi vacation together. Just a few days in the small town of Magnolia Promenade. They spent the last three days stuck with one another, but bonding greatly all the same. Running around boardwalks, swimming in a cold ocean and causing havoc in their hotel rooms filled their time. With their fun coming to an end, the group took to a pseudo game of  Blind Date to decide the night’s sleeping arrangements. Tonight everyone was to be in a bed, the floor and sofa can only be comfortable for so long.

“Pegasus Major, welcome to Blind Bed Buddy! The show where we ask you questions and you get a cutie in your bed tonight~”

Pegasus laughed, fully aware of the heat in his cheeks but paying little mind to it. At this point he had seen so much of these people that a little blushing meant nothing now. He could tell the ‘announcers’ voice was none other than Janey. It was no bother though, she did have a girlfriend after all. Other than that, he was not allowed to hear a real voice.So this truly was a blind experience.

“Buddies! Will you please tell us your names? Remember, we don’t want the man of the hour to know who you are. So be discrete in your pseudonym!!”

A few minutes of shushed voices pass before Pegasus is addressed again, through Janey’s giggles, his possible buddies are, “Sinnamon Roll” “Kotton Kandy” and “Captain Morgan Crunch”

Pegasus is trying his best to not laugh, once one person starts laughing, the whole group will fall to giggles and once he hears laughter the whole game will be for naught. He barely manages a “Well it’s nice to meet you all!” with a straight face. Suddenly this game seemed like it would be really long.

“Let’s get right into this, shall we? Question one.  Would you rather Sleep with or without a top?”

Hushed voices take over the room once more as he recieved his answers. Sinnamon Roll and Kotton Kandy both saying without, but Captain saying with.


As the short game is coming to an end, Janey throws out a question none were expecting to hear in this game.

“Big spoon, or little spoon?”

Pegasus turns a deep red, he hopes he isn’t the only one.

“Janey! That question was a little-“

“The final answers are in! Sinnamon says Switch, Kandy says Big and Captain says little. Based on all these answers, who do you want to be with tonight, Pegasus?”

Pegasus’s face was on fire. It took some time for him to finally say that the winner was Sinnamon Roll. Pegasus hears a quite excited sound (though he can’t place who that sound came from) and Janey removes his blindfold.


That night Pegasus finds himself with his legs intertwined between “Sinnamon” and their foreheads gently pressed together. It would be so easy to lean in and give him a kiss. Pegasus’s body ached to know the feeling of their lips on his skin. Before he could though, the bathroom door opened, and they moved apart. A little colder than before, the two men fall into a restless slumber. Both wishing something more would have happened that night.

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