1.7~ The Start of Something New

04-26-17_8-37-52 PM

Their final day at the boardwalk was bittersweet. Sure, they still see each other a few times a week or so, but being without them for the first time in three days was going to be a tough adjustment. For Pegasus, he did not want to let go of their vacation yet and as such returned home later than expected. Draco stayed up, patiently waiting for his brother to return home safely. Things were looking completely up for his little brother, like he was never on TV and rejected for all to see. He motions Pegasus over, curious to hear how his days were at the Promenade. Draco was considering bringing the kids for a week or so.04-26-17_8-40-18 PM

“Late night I see? Not quite ready to let go of vacation, huh?”

“Not at all, I’m sorry that I haven’t been around to help with the little ones lately. Did they enjoy their trip to Grandma’s house?”

Draco laughs, his young children were always eager to see their grandparents. Whatever she did for them was like magic, they never wanted to comeback home afterwards!

“Greatly. I brought them home kicking and screaming. No need to apologize, brother. They are my children after all, I should not expect to raise them. I thank you for all you’ve done so far.”

Something in Draco’s eyes makes Pegasus feel uncomfortable. His brother’s brown eyes were awfully sad, and he didn’t typically see him this way.

“Somethings wrong, isn’t it?”

“Not at all-“

“Draco, please, you helped me. Let me help you.”

The Major sons talk for some time in hushed voices, Ruth and the children were asleep and did not need to hear of Draco’s troubles. He was be in pain if either of his sweet children heard his words. Ruth was just unbearable lately, always criticizing and rude towards both Draco and Pegasus.  Not to mention her constant hateful comments about Pegasus’s sexuality. Draco was terrified that she’d call it off one day. He didn’t want to see their marriage dissolve because of him.

04-26-17_8-41-04 PM

Pegasus stops his brother’s worried babbles with a tight hug. It was time, Pegasus could tell, for him to move out. He had plenty of friends in the city he could be with, if it would save his brother the worry of fussing over him.

~ — ~ — ~

It’s been roughly a month and a half since Pegasus had made the decision to move out. He’s house hopped between Maddie’s apartment, Janey & Flossie’s house, and more recently Galaxy’s penthouse. Since moving out, Pegasus has let his hair grow back in the patch where he took a razor to it and gone back to his natural hair. For the first time in quite a few years he was a brunette. Though it wouldn’t be for long, he missed his vibrant hair already. 05-25-17_9-48-39 AM

He might have moved out the building, but Pegasus didn’t stop being the coolest uncle his niece and nephew had. He still spent time with them as often as he could and let them do things their mother would most likely disapprove of. Today they were out on a picnic in the park. Pegasus and Eleanor had a shared love for splashing around in the fountain. Her birthday had recently passed, she was seven now.

Eleanor giggled as she splashed water at Pegasus. Her new socks were soaking wet and her princess shoes were no doubt going to make squishy noises at her. None of it mattered to a seven year old though. This was just pure fun, no matter what her mother said.

“Eleanor Olivia! Get out of that fountain now!!”

“Uncle Peggy said it was okay!”

“And I said get out! Your new outfit is going to be ruined!”

05-25-17_9-51-07 AM

Eleanor grumbled her way out of the fountain and flopped onto the blanket with a pout. Her fun ruined, and her soggy shoes now making her uncomfortable. She kicks them off into the bushes and takes off her socks as well. Nothing was ever allowed to be fun when her mother was around.

“I’m uh- sorry. I didn’t think it’d be a big deal since it’s only water.”

“Well of course you wouldn’t know! You don’t have children! What is he doing here anyway Draco. I told you Cassie-oh-pie-ah was to watch them from now on!”05-25-17_9-51-26 AM

Draco could see the hurt on Pegasus’s face, he was done sitting around and letting her say stuff like that around him. He was fed up with her trying to keep their children’s uncle away from them. It wasn’t like he was a bad influence to them! Pegasus wasn’t an alcoholic or an addict, he was tatted and- hell he didn’t even dye his hair anymore!

Pegasus was by all standards normal save for his sexuality. Ruth picked on him solely for that reason.

Draco sends the children and Pegasus away, wanting to speak with his wife privately.

05-25-17_9-53-46 AM

Pegasus wasn’t really sure where to go with the two young children. The only place he could bring them was to the reception hall on the park’s property. Weddings were commonly held here and when one wasn’t scheduled for that day, it was a nice place to get some shelter from the sun. Eleanor immediately ran off to the bathrooms, most likely to dry her socks best she could.05-25-17_9-54-39 AM

Meanwhile the children were completely oblivious to the fight happening between their parents.05-25-17_9-55-41 AM

Honestly, so was Pegasus. He would not know that the two bicker aimlessly because of both him, and their relationship with one another.05-25-17_9-58-49 AM

Eleanor comes back with damp socks and her shoes cradled in her arms. She whines softly about how she doesn’t want to wear the wet socks or shoes, that she wants to run around in her bare feet instead. Something Pegasus found completely normal for a girl her age to do, yet Ruth found completely disgraceful.

The three hang around the reception area for some time, Pegasus both watching out the window for any signs of the fight stopping and texting Maddox about going out for dinner with Galaxy and Luca soon. The three of them had shared a room during their vacation some time ago and he missed being with them. Not to mention being around three cuties was exactly his idea of fun. As the group text moves a million letters a minute, Pegasus tells his niece and nephew to come with him to the bathroom. That it would only be a moment and doesn’t want to leave them by themselves.05-25-17_10-00-07 AM

Just before he leaves the stall, a direct message makes Pegasus stop for a moment and read it. Seeing the sender, and it’s purpose. Pegasus quickly tucks his phone into his pocket and leaves the stall.


Maddie☆ ;; ‘Hey, i’m all for getting together with Gala and Lucky. But I really need to know about us.’


Pegasus was sweating trying to come up with responses in his head. So they’ve possibly had sex and cuddled two months ago? What was that relationship wise? Friends with benefits maybe? But that’s not what Pegasus wants from him, he wants so much more than that and his heart knows it.


Maddie☆;; ‘I get that this is sorta from nowhere, but I don’t want to keep playing this game Pega.’


Pegasus can’t hand the kids back off to their parents quicker, he gives a hurried farewell and speed walks towards his car. Not trusting himself to start reading the incoming messages until he can be completely alone.


Maddie☆;; ‘Is it unfair to be asking? I know you’re struggling with this whole sexuality thing but. . .’


Pegasus slams his door shut and locks it, taking a few moments to catch his breath before reading the 2 new messages Maddox had sent. Then almost breaking into tears at the next one coming in.


Maddie☆;; ‘I’m not looking for “I love you” or anything. I just don’t want to keep chase if you’re not interested.’

& Peggy;; ‘I am interested! Where’d this suddenly come from?’

Maddie☆;; ‘Oh, yay!! okay that’s good to hear. Now my anxiety can tone it down. I’ve had a lot of people tell me lately they think you’re pretty cute and I would have stepped out of their way if I needed to.’

& Peggy;; ‘Well you’re not allowed!! Swing by Gal’s place in 10? I will prove to you I am very interested!’

Maddie☆;; ‘OoooOoooO’

Maddie☆;;’Is this a date 😉 my daddy wants me back by 10′

& Peggy;; ‘Maybe it is, maybe it’s not’

& Peggy;; ‘Also please never use the word daddy near me again. I knew a girl in high school with a daddy fetish.’



1.6~ Blind Eyes See Best

This Chapter is for your imagination! No pictures will appear in this chapter. Have fun and welcome back!

“Now you swear you can’t see anything, right Pega?”

“Yes, I swear! Everything’s black as night in my eyes.”

With the summer in full swing, Pegasus and his group of friends had decidedly gone on a semi vacation together. Just a few days in the small town of Magnolia Promenade. They spent the last three days stuck with one another, but bonding greatly all the same. Running around boardwalks, swimming in a cold ocean and causing havoc in their hotel rooms filled their time. With their fun coming to an end, the group took to a pseudo game of  Blind Date to decide the night’s sleeping arrangements. Tonight everyone was to be in a bed, the floor and sofa can only be comfortable for so long.

“Pegasus Major, welcome to Blind Bed Buddy! The show where we ask you questions and you get a cutie in your bed tonight~”

Pegasus laughed, fully aware of the heat in his cheeks but paying little mind to it. At this point he had seen so much of these people that a little blushing meant nothing now. He could tell the ‘announcers’ voice was none other than Janey. It was no bother though, she did have a girlfriend after all. Other than that, he was not allowed to hear a real voice.So this truly was a blind experience.

“Buddies! Will you please tell us your names? Remember, we don’t want the man of the hour to know who you are. So be discrete in your pseudonym!!”

A few minutes of shushed voices pass before Pegasus is addressed again, through Janey’s giggles, his possible buddies are, “Sinnamon Roll” “Kotton Kandy” and “Captain Morgan Crunch”

Pegasus is trying his best to not laugh, once one person starts laughing, the whole group will fall to giggles and once he hears laughter the whole game will be for naught. He barely manages a “Well it’s nice to meet you all!” with a straight face. Suddenly this game seemed like it would be really long.

“Let’s get right into this, shall we? Question one.  Would you rather Sleep with or without a top?”

Hushed voices take over the room once more as he recieved his answers. Sinnamon Roll and Kotton Kandy both saying without, but Captain saying with.


As the short game is coming to an end, Janey throws out a question none were expecting to hear in this game.

“Big spoon, or little spoon?”

Pegasus turns a deep red, he hopes he isn’t the only one.

“Janey! That question was a little-“

“The final answers are in! Sinnamon says Switch, Kandy says Big and Captain says little. Based on all these answers, who do you want to be with tonight, Pegasus?”

Pegasus’s face was on fire. It took some time for him to finally say that the winner was Sinnamon Roll. Pegasus hears a quite excited sound (though he can’t place who that sound came from) and Janey removes his blindfold.


That night Pegasus finds himself with his legs intertwined between “Sinnamon” and their foreheads gently pressed together. It would be so easy to lean in and give him a kiss. Pegasus’s body ached to know the feeling of their lips on his skin. Before he could though, the bathroom door opened, and they moved apart. A little colder than before, the two men fall into a restless slumber. Both wishing something more would have happened that night.

1.5~ Tea Parties

Enter Galaxy Sweeny, Janey Solis, and Flossie Crum to this story. The other three people in attendance to these tea parties. A little information on them each if you would kindly listen.

Janey Solis, a beautiful woman with ink coating every inch of her body. At 23 she’s currently going through a rough patch with her girlfriend and because of it she’s started to spend more time with the mature Flossie Crum.

Flossie Crum is the mother of the tea parties. She keeps tensions low and spirits high all the while battling an illness. Her illness has kept her sparse in the latest meetings, but she does her darn best to tell these young adults that their normal people as well. Flossie has dedicated her time with them to proving that she may be 37, but she’s still living a happy life. Save for that one minor detail.

On the other end of the age gap is Galaxy Sweeney, at the young age of 20 they’re considered the baby of the tea parties and is typically being checked on by Flossie. Galaxy is gender fluid and because of it he has lost ties with a lot of his family, thankfully he’s found a new family in the tea party.

04-24-17_10-06-00 PM

“Hi stranger! Leaving the tea party so soon?” the younger one asked, giving a small wave that Pegasus returned with a sharp, “Hello. and Goodbye.”

“Hold on there! No need to leave just yet, you’re going to want to meet us before deciding you hate this place.” said the one in the middle, though Pegasus was fairly distracted by her tattoos.

“Please, do stay a while. I’d hate to see you so dejected already.”04-24-17_10-14-32 PM

Begrudgingly Pegasus sat down and spent some time with these strangers. Maddox had gotten up to get their tea and Janey swooped into his spot. The four all started talking around him at first, and then suddenly he was cracking jokes and swapping dating horror stories with these people. Talking to them came as easily as photography did to Pegasus. Every word fit comfortably into a place and for the first time in a years he felt comfortable being himself.04-24-17_10-16-21 PM

“So Pegasus, if you don’t mind us asking, how do you fit into this little LGBT+ group of ours.” asked the eldest at the table. She gently pushes her cup further up the table so she can comfortably rest her elbows on them. Pegasus smiled a little, forgetting the fact that he’s been bold-faced lying to them in this statement. It was so much easier to pretend he’s questioning, no pressure to pick male or female, just head nods and suddenly the topic went away.04-24-17_10-17-51 PM

“I’m not really sure, I’m still figuring out if i’m bi.”

“What a shame!” exclaimed Galaxy, shooting a sly grin to Maddox, “Maddie’s been making googly eyes all night. I’m sure he’d love to find out soon~” they teased.04-24-17_10-18-25 PM

“Dude seriously-“

“Come n Mads! I’m just teasing. You know I love you~”04-24-17_10-18-56 PM

“Anyway, I think we should tell Pegasus how we fit in as well. I’m a struggling pan sexual with a needy girlfriend, Max is trans and slaying the game better than most guys, Galaxy is non binary, Maddie is gay and Flossie is a lesbian. That cover everyone?”

“You forgot Luca” Max pointed out, though the man could not be here tonight it gave no reason for him to be excluded.

“Well Luca isn’t here- Flossie?”Janey stopped mid sentence as the older woman began to look like she was having trouble breathing.04-24-17_10-20-01 PM

Her breathing was deep and forced, like she was working double-time to keep a steady breath.

“I-I should go home. I love being you with all but my health is weakening. I-“04-24-17_10-20-32 PM

“You don’t have to make excuses Flossie, I’ll take you home. Okay?”04-24-17_10-22-56 PM

“T-Thank you Janey.”

the table got eerily quiet after that, the meeting came to end by both Flossie’s departing and the darkening sky. Things were happy for only so long, it seemed to be a trend running in Pegasus’s life.04-24-17_10-26-35 PM

Flossie and Janey were always close. After being kicked out of her home at the age of 14 Flossie had taken her in and kept her off the streets, Flossie was like a mother to Janey and now in her  ” mothers ” worsening state, she was doing everything in her power to keep her healthy.

Even if it meant deciding Flossie was to stop coming to the meetings for a while.04-25-17_12-09-12 AMMeanwhile Galaxy was taking a call from his supposed roommate that was going to meet him tomorrow. Apparently they had gotten word of a cheaper rent somewhere else and was bailing on him. Now what was he going to do?

04-25-17_12-12-40 AM

Maddox and Pegasus seemed to be his best bets. Maddox definitely lived alone and Pegasus lived with his brother. Maybe he could approach them about it soon. Not tonight though, everyone is already worried for Flossie, Galaxy shouldn’t add to that pressure.04-25-17_12-13-58 AM

“Hey guys, think I could get a ride home? I live in the Fashion District and usually I just walk but i’m not feeling it tonight”

Pegasus grins, “I can totally bring you home, That’s where my brother and I live.”

“Thank you so much Pegasus!”

“Call me Pega, Peggy, Pegs. No need for the formality with me.”

~.~.~04-25-17_7-16-39 AM

Pegasus dropped of the young man and gave him a farewell hug. The two departed but not before teasingly blowing a kiss and fussing that Maddox would get jealous of their love. Hearing his laugh fade out with the closing of the elevator made Galaxy’s heart pound as they walk into the empty penthouse. They would never admit it, especially not with the obvious crush Maddox has on Pegasus, but damn was he everything Galaxy fantasized about. Nothing was more attractive to them than a bubbly bisexual with dyed hair. If Pegasus had any hidden tattoos, Galaxy might have fainted. 04-25-17_7-18-38 AM

Then the unsettling truth came to him that Pegasus was considering his bisexuality, typically that meant someone like Galaxy wouldn’t even be on Pegasus’s radar. The thought was disheartening as he sat in front of his mirror and wondered if they would ever be someone Pegasus could take a chance on.

They decide as the night draws to an end that on their birthday they would invite Pegasus on a date. It would never get figured out if they don’t at least try.



1.4~ Maxed Out

04-23-17_11-56-41 AM

Pegasus stiffly pushes himself up from the bed’s soft embrace. He props himself up on his elbows and forces sleep and hangover to leave him. He blinks away the blurry eyes and gasps when he realizes this bed is not his own. He is flooded with worry, all his body allows him to do is sit on the edge of the bed and force his stomach to not empty on this strangers wood floors.04-23-17_11-57-32 AM

Pegasus dared not look over at who he was in bed with. He was so focused on trying to pull anything from the night before that he hardly noticed as the man awoke and edged closer to Pegasus. On the verge of some kinda mental break down, Pegasus tensed as he drew nearer. If he didn’t feel like his life was falling apart before, he sure felt like it now.04-23-17_11-58-34 AM

“Hey, are you alright?”

Maddox’s voice is soft, this is the first time things like that are happening to him. He isn’t the type to go out drinking himself silly and bring strange men home. This is what people expected of him when he came out, but never did it cross his mind that maybe it would.

Maddox began to worry when tears fell down this lilac stranger’s face. Pure habit caused him to start playing with the soft locks of hair and try to soothe this troubled creature. The stranger sobbed and only when he stopped on his own did Maddox offer some clothing and a cup of coffee.

~.~.~04-23-17_12-09-18 PM

“So, let me make sure I understand. You got used by some prick, joined a dating tv show then lost the game. Came home and were miserable, now you live with your brother, his jackass wife and their little angels?”

Pegasus catches the mistake immediately, but he does not want to reveal who or why, so he just nods and takes a small drink from the mug of coffee. Maddox and Pegasus decided that they really needed to get to know one another now. They couldn’t quite remember how far they did or didn’t get which only made Pegasus feel more sick than he was already.

“. . .I’m sorry”


“Leading you on?”

Maddox reaches out and takes Pegasus’s hand, “You did no such thing, darling. I completely understand. I’ll tell you something too, i’ve been in the closet for 11 years- “

04-23-17_7-54-29 PM

“Oh my god, you’re gay. Great! F*&^$^-“

“Uh, pardon me. I’m just a touch confused?. . . SHIT you’re straight aren’t you?”

Here, this is the point where Pegasus will destroy his life of his own free will. Had he been truthful in this moment Maddox and he would have been together happily in no less than 3 months. They would have been steadily dating in no less than 10 and by the time they’re approaching the 2nd year mark they’re arranging a marriage. His fear of falling in love makes him lie. His fear of being used again takes control of him and spins the first silk string in a web of lies that these two will be wrapped tightly in.

“I. . . y-yeah?”

Maddox rubs his face and sighs, “Talk to me Pegasus, you sound unsure.”

Heart racing, Pegasus tells a bold faced lie that he’s thought he was straight up until now. How he thinks he enjoyed last night but he doesn’t really know now. Maddox clears his throat awkwardly and focuses on his phone a little more than before.

“I’m going to be completely honest with you. I really enjoy being with you, and I am gay. Maybe you’re bisexual? I’m not going to force to know today, but I might know some people who can help you, uh, ‘find yourself’ “


04-23-17_8-18-39 PM

“I don’t quite understand how this little cafe is going to help me find myself. Were you just trying to get me on a date?” Pegasus teases lightly, for as much as he knows this is wrong he doesn’t want to admit that it will do harm the longer he let’s it go on for.

“Haha, very funny. No, this is where we meet up.”

“. . .We?”04-23-17_8-19-03 PM

“Oui. That is where the biweekly meetings of the LGBTea Parties are held. Our little slice of normality of being abnormal in a big city.”

“So, who is that sitting at the head of the table?”

“Oh, That’s Max

04-23-17_8-20-25 PM

Max, oh how he gets wrapped up in this silly mess. Having moved to the big city for a chance at love and acceptance, Max was met with neither before this cafe and the LGBTea Parties. It took blood, sweat, and the constant question of why he had such a feminine face to get to where he is now. On top of it, knowing that his pride is a safe place for a rotational group of youths, adults and elders alike made him feel like his dream was half-way met. All that was left was finding a little love.

04-23-17_8-21-27 PM

“Well, it’s nice to meet you Max. I’m pretty new to San Myshuno, so this is the honestly the first time I’ve stepped into the Spice District.”04-23-17_8-22-02 PM

:It’s a pleasure to meet you, so tell me a little about yourself. There’s no wrong or right things to say I’m just curious about you as a person.”

Pegasus nervously details his current dilemma, how he’s in San Myshuno trying to clear his head, the wrath he endures from Ruth, the fun he and Maddox had the night before. He finished with his lie of not knowing his sexuality, it almost leaves a vile taste in his mouth. Pegasus was never much of a liar, but he seemed to be better at it than he thought.04-23-17_8-22-38 PM

“Well here’s the thing, you’re lying to me Pegasus.”


“I’m serious! Do you HONESTLY expect me to sit here, a proud member of the LGBT+ community, and accept that the dude calling himself Pegasus with lilac hair is straight?”04-23-17_8-24-47 PM

“You’re kind’ve being a bitch about this Max! He’s confused and-“

“Bullshit he’s confused! Let me tell you what probably happened! Your buddy over there knows exactly that’s he’s gay but he’s a little bitch and doesn’t want to admit that because he’s never had a one night stand before! You know why? Nobody wants to accept that they’re a minority Maddie! All Pegasus is sitting here and doing is being a bitch about the fact that he might, for the first time in his life, be embarrassed about being gay!”04-23-17_8-25-20 PM

A deep, silent anger wells in the pit of Pegasus’s stomach. Maddox has recoiled from the outrage in Max, this is something he’s never seen before from their president.

“See how quiet he gets now that’s been caught in his little lie? I’m right aren’t I?!”04-23-17_8-25-49 PM

“You know what you are? the worst f*&%^#* advocate for something like this.”

“Oh god, here we go.”04-23-17_8-26-32 PM

“Excuse me?”04-23-17_8-31-58 PM

Pegasus pushes his chair back and stands, “Maybe this will make it more clear for you.” and he stuck his middle finger right to Max’s face. Looking at Maddox, Pegasus does his best to regain composure. “Thanks for trying to help, but it obviously a huge mistake to think that maybe something right could be done in this community. I can’t believe I ever trusted you.”

As Pegasus walked away from the table he began to realize the weight of what he was starting to get into. He has lied to two people, one of which is completely right. His grave gone from 6ft to 12ft under and keeping this act up is going to really hurt someone soon. At the same time, why should it hurt anyone? It was his life and he wasn’t outright saying he’s not bisexual. He’s just. . . unsure.

Then three other run up the stairs and block Pegasus from leaving.

1.3~ Kruse-ing

04-23-17_10-15-36 AM

The summer was really improving for Pegasus after his first babysit. Ezekiel and Pegasus had a close bond now that he lived with the young child. Especially since his parents were working over the summer. With Pegasus around there was no need to pay for daycare or drive over to the fashion district and drop him off with Cassie. Eleanor went to camp, but of her own free will, she enjoyed the time out the house as well as in the house.

Today changed everything though, his happy week would be crushed by the next day.

Draco smiled on as two very important men in his life played in the living room. A change was stirring in his brother at it delighted Draco that he was actually helping.

“Alright boys, breakfast is ready. Save some for Ellie, she stayed the night with a friend so she’ll be home any minute.”

Pegasus carries the child to the dining room table and sets him down in his boosted chair, though he was far too old for it and the pacifier, Ruth would not let Pegasus wean him off either. He should be, but at the expensive of ‘motherly knowledge’ he wasn’t allowed to do anything about it. 04-23-17_10-22-43 AM

Without Eleanor there to fill the dining hall, things stayed eerily silent. Save for the occasional scraping of utensils against plates. After an unbearably long time of sitting in complete silence Draco cleared his throat and announced the days plans.

“So I was thinking we could go bowling this evening after Ruth and I get home from the day’s agenda. Ellie’s been dying to go to the new ally that just opened in the Fashion District. Sound like fun to everyone?”

Pegasus nods, Ruth looks disgusted but tells her husband in the snottiest, most fake tone of joy that she’d be delighted to spend her evening in a bowling alley. Afterwards she plastered a fake smile to her lips, stood up, and took away the dishes. Before Draco could call her out on her own childish behavior, she had thrown the dishes in the sink and stormed out the door without him. Now agitated, Draco huffed and began to leave. However, remembering his son and brother had witnessed that ordeal, he instead faced them and gave farewells. A kiss to both their cheeks and a cheerful wave out the door.04-23-17_10-29-08 AM

“Ezzy stay this little, okay? Growing up is the worst.”

“Otay! I can do dat.”

Pegasus laughs, then tickles the tummy of his sweet nephew. Ezekiel starts giggling and playfully trying to bat away Pegasus’s hand. “Noooo! That tickle!”

Lucky for Ezzy, a soft knock on the door saved him from the tickle torture. His sister was home from her sleepover and she wasted no time sitting Pegasus on the couch and talking his ear off about the events of that night.04-23-17_10-35-56 AM

“And yeah!! It was super fun, Jackie is my best friend.”

Pegasus gave the young girl a squeeze, such a sweet little girl. He worried for her high school years though, the sweetest can turn vicious with a mother like Ruth and he didn’t want to see that happen to such a bright mind. Some days he wished that Eleanor and Ezekiel were his children.

These days with all the scientific advances it was possible for him to do so no matter who he fell in love with. Of course if he won Lily’s heart she would carry a child- or she would have if she didn’t absolutely loath kids. If he would have found even a shred of nicety in Gael then they could have had children as well. The science field was a wondrous thing, mysterious and yet so full of good. Pegasus was 19 when the artificial reproductive system was finally approved and his then best friend and he were eager to get in on it. Then people started getting terrible infections and the chance of a miscarriage was an alarmingly high number. Back then it was too risky, and now Pegasus was too unsure of his love life to even consider doing it.

Snapping himself out of the thoughts, he returns to babysitting the rowdy children. Today he would bring them to a park, it would be easier to leave now instead of trying to wrangle them out the door that evening.

~.~.~04-23-17_10-45-06 AM

Bowling was a lot more fun than the family had expected! Eleanor was quite an ace at it, having struck at least 1 pin every throw. 04-23-17_10-46-02 AM

Pegasus was far too clumsy for the game, he often times slipped trying to throw the ball or just dropped it all together.04-23-17_10-47-17 AM

Draco had played a lot of moonlight bowling back in his college days, so he faired well enough. He enjoyed playing with his daughter and even sacrificed a few squares to let his son push the ball into the gutters.

Nine o’clock rolls around, the alley was closing. Though the karaoke bar above was just starting to get populated. 04-23-17_10-52-32 AM

“Hey Pegs, we’ve gotta get the kids home. But I think you should stay”

“Why? You trying to get rid of me already?” the lilac man teased, though he was intrigued to find out why his brother was making this suggestion. His tease was met with a light hearted chuckle and a well-meant reply.

“You need the night out, it’s just a little karaoke bar upstairs so I think you’d be in your element here Mister ‘I-sing-in-the-shower-but-pretend-like-I-don’t'”

“Curses! you’ve figured me all out!”

The brother laugh, exchange a hug, and ultimately Pegasus stays. He watches karaoke and even finds the nerve to get up there once or twice. He’s given polite applause and he returns it to the others. That is until one particularly buzzed guy takes the mic.

“Ayyyyy! Howsit goin’ everyone! Im-. . .Y’all can call me Maddox and i’m gonna sing Blame It On the Girls04-23-17_10-56-00 AM

Pegasus wasn’t one to be mean, but this guy was not doing too good. He didn’t know most of the words and his buzz was not helping him. “Come on man, take a seat.”
Maddox laughs into the mic and gestures towards Pegasus, “Aw come on, Sugar! ‘m just trying to have a little fuuuun~”

04-23-17_10-56-47 AM

Pegasus narrowed his eyes at the man, completely unamused by this ‘flirting’ “Don’t call me Sugar, you don’t know me.”

“Ouch! He’s feisty!”

Pegasus quirked an eyebrow at the man, something he’s been told is unbearably attractive, though he had never used it for that purpose. It was meant to be a sort of questioning look. Maddox seems to have a touch of red coming to his face, another that is hopelessly attracted to the face.

04-23-17_10-57-14 AM

“Ay, i’m sorry dude. Can I buy you a round of bubbles?”

The few others in the room softly ‘Oooouh~’ and Pegasus is completely red faced. This guy wasn’t going to give up now, most buzzed assholes don’t.

“Jesus- If you’ll put down that damn mic then yes!”04-23-17_11-05-56 AM

“So how does this contraption work?”

“You just wipe off the nozzle to make sure it doesn’t have someone else’s spit on it, put the tip in your mouth and suck.”04-23-17_11-05-36 AM

Pegasus was in the way of doing just that as Maddox was explaining, the way he had phrased taking in the bubbles mixed with a sudden rush of foam into his mouth made him choke. He coughed up several bubbles and then the taste hit him.

“This is terrible! People actually enjoy that?! I can’t believe I even began trusting you on this-“

Pegasus was about to storm home, his night feeling suddenly ruined by this guy. When Maddox reached out and grabbed Pegasus, he didn’t pull away like he should have. He thought his night was ruined, but really this guy was just making it more lively.

“I’m sorry! Look, please don’t go. I’ll make it up to you I swear, I’d hate for your night to be ruined because i’m a little off my rocker.”04-23-17_11-03-52 AM

He stays, they drink. It becomes more relaxed and fun the longer they challenge each other to order the bad alcohol. They take pictures and sing off-key until the wee hours. 04-23-17_11-12-51 AM

10:30 quickly turned into 4 AM. They were wired with alcohol and yet ready to sleep. Pegasus was in no shape to babysit that day, his drunken hands text Draco something along the lines of ‘not gonna babysit, hungover’ just with a lot more errors. Both being smashed meant a taxi brought them to Maddox’s apartment in the Spice District. Maddox began undressing the moment in entered the apartment, ready to lay in bed. Pegasus had come with the intent to sleep on his couch and sober up. But when a shirtless Maddox stops him and tells him he was really hot and some pretty obscene things. A drunk and lonely Pegasus let’s Maddox get him hot and bothered.04-23-17_11-51-25 AM

The alcohol hits them hard when met with a soft mattress. Their kissing fizzles out before they can make any bigger of a mistake.

Pegasus can’t tell right now, but he falls in love with Maddox after this meeting. He will refuse to admit it for a long time to come. He is still hurting but taking a night with Maddox Kruse did him wonders. A night to remember what it’s like to lay with someone in a bed and even though his mind won’t remember in the morning, his body will remember the warm kisses for a lifetime. His body knowing love will help him heal, but not before his mind forgetting would crush him further.