1.5~ Tea Parties

Enter Galaxy Sweeny, Janey Solis, and Flossie Crum to this story. The other three people in attendance to these tea parties. A little information on them each if you would kindly listen.

Janey Solis, a beautiful woman with ink coating every inch of her body. At 23 she’s currently going through a rough patch with her girlfriend and because of it she’s started to spend more time with the mature Flossie Crum.

Flossie Crum is the mother of the tea parties. She keeps tensions low and spirits high all the while battling an illness. Her illness has kept her sparse in the latest meetings, but she does her darn best to tell these young adults that their normal people as well. Flossie has dedicated her time with them to proving that she may be 37, but she’s still living a happy life. Save for that one minor detail.

On the other end of the age gap is Galaxy Sweeney, at the young age of 20 they’re considered the baby of the tea parties and is typically being checked on by Flossie. Galaxy is gender fluid and because of it he has lost ties with a lot of his family, thankfully he’s found a new family in the tea party.

04-24-17_10-06-00 PM

“Hi stranger! Leaving the tea party so soon?” the younger one asked, giving a small wave that Pegasus returned with a sharp, “Hello. and Goodbye.”

“Hold on there! No need to leave just yet, you’re going to want to meet us before deciding you hate this place.” said the one in the middle, though Pegasus was fairly distracted by her tattoos.

“Please, do stay a while. I’d hate to see you so dejected already.”04-24-17_10-14-32 PM

Begrudgingly Pegasus sat down and spent some time with these strangers. Maddox had gotten up to get their tea and Janey swooped into his spot. The four all started talking around him at first, and then suddenly he was cracking jokes and swapping dating horror stories with these people. Talking to them came as easily as photography did to Pegasus. Every word fit comfortably into a place and for the first time in a years he felt comfortable being himself.04-24-17_10-16-21 PM

“So Pegasus, if you don’t mind us asking, how do you fit into this little LGBT+ group of ours.” asked the eldest at the table. She gently pushes her cup further up the table so she can comfortably rest her elbows on them. Pegasus smiled a little, forgetting the fact that he’s been bold-faced lying to them in this statement. It was so much easier to pretend he’s questioning, no pressure to pick male or female, just head nods and suddenly the topic went away.04-24-17_10-17-51 PM

“I’m not really sure, I’m still figuring out if i’m bi.”

“What a shame!” exclaimed Galaxy, shooting a sly grin to Maddox, “Maddie’s been making googly eyes all night. I’m sure he’d love to find out soon~” they teased.04-24-17_10-18-25 PM

“Dude seriously-“

“Come n Mads! I’m just teasing. You know I love you~”04-24-17_10-18-56 PM

“Anyway, I think we should tell Pegasus how we fit in as well. I’m a struggling pan sexual with a needy girlfriend, Max is trans and slaying the game better than most guys, Galaxy is non binary, Maddie is gay and Flossie is a lesbian. That cover everyone?”

“You forgot Luca” Max pointed out, though the man could not be here tonight it gave no reason for him to be excluded.

“Well Luca isn’t here- Flossie?”Janey stopped mid sentence as the older woman began to look like she was having trouble breathing.04-24-17_10-20-01 PM

Her breathing was deep and forced, like she was working double-time to keep a steady breath.

“I-I should go home. I love being you with all but my health is weakening. I-“04-24-17_10-20-32 PM

“You don’t have to make excuses Flossie, I’ll take you home. Okay?”04-24-17_10-22-56 PM

“T-Thank you Janey.”

the table got eerily quiet after that, the meeting came to end by both Flossie’s departing and the darkening sky. Things were happy for only so long, it seemed to be a trend running in Pegasus’s life.04-24-17_10-26-35 PM

Flossie and Janey were always close. After being kicked out of her home at the age of 14 Flossie had taken her in and kept her off the streets, Flossie was like a mother to Janey and now in her  ” mothers ” worsening state, she was doing everything in her power to keep her healthy.

Even if it meant deciding Flossie was to stop coming to the meetings for a while.04-25-17_12-09-12 AMMeanwhile Galaxy was taking a call from his supposed roommate that was going to meet him tomorrow. Apparently they had gotten word of a cheaper rent somewhere else and was bailing on him. Now what was he going to do?

04-25-17_12-12-40 AM

Maddox and Pegasus seemed to be his best bets. Maddox definitely lived alone and Pegasus lived with his brother. Maybe he could approach them about it soon. Not tonight though, everyone is already worried for Flossie, Galaxy shouldn’t add to that pressure.04-25-17_12-13-58 AM

“Hey guys, think I could get a ride home? I live in the Fashion District and usually I just walk but i’m not feeling it tonight”

Pegasus grins, “I can totally bring you home, That’s where my brother and I live.”

“Thank you so much Pegasus!”

“Call me Pega, Peggy, Pegs. No need for the formality with me.”

~.~.~04-25-17_7-16-39 AM

Pegasus dropped of the young man and gave him a farewell hug. The two departed but not before teasingly blowing a kiss and fussing that Maddox would get jealous of their love. Hearing his laugh fade out with the closing of the elevator made Galaxy’s heart pound as they walk into the empty penthouse. They would never admit it, especially not with the obvious crush Maddox has on Pegasus, but damn was he everything Galaxy fantasized about. Nothing was more attractive to them than a bubbly bisexual with dyed hair. If Pegasus had any hidden tattoos, Galaxy might have fainted. 04-25-17_7-18-38 AM

Then the unsettling truth came to him that Pegasus was considering his bisexuality, typically that meant someone like Galaxy wouldn’t even be on Pegasus’s radar. The thought was disheartening as he sat in front of his mirror and wondered if they would ever be someone Pegasus could take a chance on.

They decide as the night draws to an end that on their birthday they would invite Pegasus on a date. It would never get figured out if they don’t at least try.



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