1.3~ Kruse-ing

04-23-17_10-15-36 AM

The summer was really improving for Pegasus after his first babysit. Ezekiel and Pegasus had a close bond now that he lived with the young child. Especially since his parents were working over the summer. With Pegasus around there was no need to pay for daycare or drive over to the fashion district and drop him off with Cassie. Eleanor went to camp, but of her own free will, she enjoyed the time out the house as well as in the house.

Today changed everything though, his happy week would be crushed by the next day.

Draco smiled on as two very important men in his life played in the living room. A change was stirring in his brother at it delighted Draco that he was actually helping.

“Alright boys, breakfast is ready. Save some for Ellie, she stayed the night with a friend so she’ll be home any minute.”

Pegasus carries the child to the dining room table and sets him down in his boosted chair, though he was far too old for it and the pacifier, Ruth would not let Pegasus wean him off either. He should be, but at the expensive of ‘motherly knowledge’ he wasn’t allowed to do anything about it. 04-23-17_10-22-43 AM

Without Eleanor there to fill the dining hall, things stayed eerily silent. Save for the occasional scraping of utensils against plates. After an unbearably long time of sitting in complete silence Draco cleared his throat and announced the days plans.

“So I was thinking we could go bowling this evening after Ruth and I get home from the day’s agenda. Ellie’s been dying to go to the new ally that just opened in the Fashion District. Sound like fun to everyone?”

Pegasus nods, Ruth looks disgusted but tells her husband in the snottiest, most fake tone of joy that she’d be delighted to spend her evening in a bowling alley. Afterwards she plastered a fake smile to her lips, stood up, and took away the dishes. Before Draco could call her out on her own childish behavior, she had thrown the dishes in the sink and stormed out the door without him. Now agitated, Draco huffed and began to leave. However, remembering his son and brother had witnessed that ordeal, he instead faced them and gave farewells. A kiss to both their cheeks and a cheerful wave out the door.04-23-17_10-29-08 AM

“Ezzy stay this little, okay? Growing up is the worst.”

“Otay! I can do dat.”

Pegasus laughs, then tickles the tummy of his sweet nephew. Ezekiel starts giggling and playfully trying to bat away Pegasus’s hand. “Noooo! That tickle!”

Lucky for Ezzy, a soft knock on the door saved him from the tickle torture. His sister was home from her sleepover and she wasted no time sitting Pegasus on the couch and talking his ear off about the events of that night.04-23-17_10-35-56 AM

“And yeah!! It was super fun, Jackie is my best friend.”

Pegasus gave the young girl a squeeze, such a sweet little girl. He worried for her high school years though, the sweetest can turn vicious with a mother like Ruth and he didn’t want to see that happen to such a bright mind. Some days he wished that Eleanor and Ezekiel were his children.

These days with all the scientific advances it was possible for him to do so no matter who he fell in love with. Of course if he won Lily’s heart she would carry a child- or she would have if she didn’t absolutely loath kids. If he would have found even a shred of nicety in Gael then they could have had children as well. The science field was a wondrous thing, mysterious and yet so full of good. Pegasus was 19 when the artificial reproductive system was finally approved and his then best friend and he were eager to get in on it. Then people started getting terrible infections and the chance of a miscarriage was an alarmingly high number. Back then it was too risky, and now Pegasus was too unsure of his love life to even consider doing it.

Snapping himself out of the thoughts, he returns to babysitting the rowdy children. Today he would bring them to a park, it would be easier to leave now instead of trying to wrangle them out the door that evening.

~.~.~04-23-17_10-45-06 AM

Bowling was a lot more fun than the family had expected! Eleanor was quite an ace at it, having struck at least 1 pin every throw. 04-23-17_10-46-02 AM

Pegasus was far too clumsy for the game, he often times slipped trying to throw the ball or just dropped it all together.04-23-17_10-47-17 AM

Draco had played a lot of moonlight bowling back in his college days, so he faired well enough. He enjoyed playing with his daughter and even sacrificed a few squares to let his son push the ball into the gutters.

Nine o’clock rolls around, the alley was closing. Though the karaoke bar above was just starting to get populated. 04-23-17_10-52-32 AM

“Hey Pegs, we’ve gotta get the kids home. But I think you should stay”

“Why? You trying to get rid of me already?” the lilac man teased, though he was intrigued to find out why his brother was making this suggestion. His tease was met with a light hearted chuckle and a well-meant reply.

“You need the night out, it’s just a little karaoke bar upstairs so I think you’d be in your element here Mister ‘I-sing-in-the-shower-but-pretend-like-I-don’t'”

“Curses! you’ve figured me all out!”

The brother laugh, exchange a hug, and ultimately Pegasus stays. He watches karaoke and even finds the nerve to get up there once or twice. He’s given polite applause and he returns it to the others. That is until one particularly buzzed guy takes the mic.

“Ayyyyy! Howsit goin’ everyone! Im-. . .Y’all can call me Maddox and i’m gonna sing Blame It On the Girls04-23-17_10-56-00 AM

Pegasus wasn’t one to be mean, but this guy was not doing too good. He didn’t know most of the words and his buzz was not helping him. “Come on man, take a seat.”
Maddox laughs into the mic and gestures towards Pegasus, “Aw come on, Sugar! ‘m just trying to have a little fuuuun~”

04-23-17_10-56-47 AM

Pegasus narrowed his eyes at the man, completely unamused by this ‘flirting’ “Don’t call me Sugar, you don’t know me.”

“Ouch! He’s feisty!”

Pegasus quirked an eyebrow at the man, something he’s been told is unbearably attractive, though he had never used it for that purpose. It was meant to be a sort of questioning look. Maddox seems to have a touch of red coming to his face, another that is hopelessly attracted to the face.

04-23-17_10-57-14 AM

“Ay, i’m sorry dude. Can I buy you a round of bubbles?”

The few others in the room softly ‘Oooouh~’ and Pegasus is completely red faced. This guy wasn’t going to give up now, most buzzed assholes don’t.

“Jesus- If you’ll put down that damn mic then yes!”04-23-17_11-05-56 AM

“So how does this contraption work?”

“You just wipe off the nozzle to make sure it doesn’t have someone else’s spit on it, put the tip in your mouth and suck.”04-23-17_11-05-36 AM

Pegasus was in the way of doing just that as Maddox was explaining, the way he had phrased taking in the bubbles mixed with a sudden rush of foam into his mouth made him choke. He coughed up several bubbles and then the taste hit him.

“This is terrible! People actually enjoy that?! I can’t believe I even began trusting you on this-“

Pegasus was about to storm home, his night feeling suddenly ruined by this guy. When Maddox reached out and grabbed Pegasus, he didn’t pull away like he should have. He thought his night was ruined, but really this guy was just making it more lively.

“I’m sorry! Look, please don’t go. I’ll make it up to you I swear, I’d hate for your night to be ruined because i’m a little off my rocker.”04-23-17_11-03-52 AM

He stays, they drink. It becomes more relaxed and fun the longer they challenge each other to order the bad alcohol. They take pictures and sing off-key until the wee hours. 04-23-17_11-12-51 AM

10:30 quickly turned into 4 AM. They were wired with alcohol and yet ready to sleep. Pegasus was in no shape to babysit that day, his drunken hands text Draco something along the lines of ‘not gonna babysit, hungover’ just with a lot more errors. Both being smashed meant a taxi brought them to Maddox’s apartment in the Spice District. Maddox began undressing the moment in entered the apartment, ready to lay in bed. Pegasus had come with the intent to sleep on his couch and sober up. But when a shirtless Maddox stops him and tells him he was really hot and some pretty obscene things. A drunk and lonely Pegasus let’s Maddox get him hot and bothered.04-23-17_11-51-25 AM

The alcohol hits them hard when met with a soft mattress. Their kissing fizzles out before they can make any bigger of a mistake.

Pegasus can’t tell right now, but he falls in love with Maddox after this meeting. He will refuse to admit it for a long time to come. He is still hurting but taking a night with Maddox Kruse did him wonders. A night to remember what it’s like to lay with someone in a bed and even though his mind won’t remember in the morning, his body will remember the warm kisses for a lifetime. His body knowing love will help him heal, but not before his mind forgetting would crush him further.

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