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04-22-17_5-06-28 PM

By the time summer had come around Pegasus was set up in the spare room of Draco’s apartment. Honestly, he felt even more miserable now than ever. He was adult, yet he was living with his older brother whose life was completely put together. Draco and Ruth were both breadwinners, their daughter Eleanor was a sweetheart with the same artistic compassion of her father. Their son, Ezekiel, though only four years old was a genius in his own right. Pegasus didn’t fit into this nuclear family at all, he was painfully average aside from his hair. He couldn’t play sports or draw things, he possessed a black hand and writing came to him about as easily as a thick milkshake through a straw. None of the subjects interested him either. Only photography had interested the young man, as well as cosmetology.04-22-17_5-12-40 PM

Though the two had talked it out before hand, Ruth was completely unhappy with having her children’s sinful uncle live under her roof. She had tried everything to deter Pegasus from staying but her husband was always one step ahead it seemed. Every time she spoke ill of him Draco’s cool demeanor evaporated, they fought constantly now because of it. Their relationship was getting rocky on its own, but Pegasus’s presence only seemed to make it worse (In his eyes that is.)

“I don’t like him being here.”

“And just why is that?”

“He’s a terrible influence on Ellie and Ezzy! I mean just look at him, my children should not have to grow up around such a man-child. I bet he isn’t even hurting that bad, he just wants the attention and you’re giving it to him!”04-22-17_5-06-58 PM

Little was she aware, Pegasus had his ears focused on their conversation. He was always listening to them, searching for the breaking point in his brother, awaiting the day he finally caves into his wife and leaves him alone to wallow in his own pity.

Waking up and getting out of bed sometimes proved to be a challenge. His brother was often worried of his depressive nature and it hurt him to see Pegasus this way. That’s why Draco was doing this,allowing him to stay despite his wife’s protests, a smile missing from Pegasus’s face is unacceptable. He may feel like a bother but it is Draco’s goal to make him see that he is not.04-22-17_5-13-30 PM

“Allow me to start with who are ‘your children’!? last I checked Ellie and Ezzy are 50% me as well! I will follow up with my BROTHER is not a man-child or faking this hurt! You did not grow up with Pegasus, you don’t know him like I do and the man you see is not him. He’s goofy and smiling all the time, he was hurt and his heart has been injured a lot.”

“Still! I don’t want him infecting-“


Ruth jumped, startled by his sudden outburst. Her children stare wide eyed at their parents, wondering what was going on. “Ellie, take Ezzy to your room and play with him there, okay?”

“Okay. . .”

04-22-17_5-15-56 PM

The young girl takes her little brother by the hand and guides him to their bedroom. Her only want to get away from her parents disruptive yelling.

Pegasus, not wanting these two young children to endure their parents fight, decides to finally leave the room and do something to make him cheer up, make iced tea.

04-22-17_5-10-53 PM

The fighting between Draco and Ruth stopped, though they still looked at one another in a hostile way, one that shouted ‘we’ll take about this later’ Pegasus decidedly pours a glass slowly and sits in the living chair closest to the two. Timidly he drinks from the glass, hoping they’re done for now and he can leave the room once the tension is cleared from the air.04-22-17_5-17-07 PM

“Hey Pegs, how you feeling?”

The lilac man does not answer. He takes another small sip and shrugs. Honestly he didn’t know, he was a hurricane of bad feelings right now. A sickening mix of guilt, sadness and stress that was starting to actually make him feel ill. The last few nights Ruth’s meals have ended back up in the bathroom, which was not helping her view of him.04-22-17_5-18-12 PM

Only a few choice things made Pegasus perk up lately, the kids and iced tea were two of them. When he was alone with them, it was like Pegasus was on top of the world. He was over-joyed to be caring for his niece and nephew, even when it seemed nobody was watching.

“So, Ruth and I are going on a little date night tonight. Would you be okay watching Ellie and Ezzy for a few hours? Usually Cassie watches them, but she’s working late.”

A faint smile played with Pegasus’s lips, a hoarse and tired “Yeah, sure” was his response.

“Perfect! Ellie, Ezzy! Come here a moment please!”

04-22-17_5-25-58 PM

Eleanor, six years old and dotted over by her mother, waved at her uncle as he passed her. He was on his way back to the kitchen in pursuit of a new glass of tea.

“Hi Uncle Peggy!” her cheerful voice practically sang, she was met with a smile and a wave in return before he turned the corner to the kitchen.04-22-17_5-27-35 PM

“Look at that beautiful girl! Am I in the same room a princess?”

Draco’s daughter giggles and shakes her head, curls bouncing all around her head as she does. “No, but I will be when i’m all grown up!”

“I’m sure you will be~ Listen, mumma and I are going out tonight, okay? Uncle Pegs is gonna watch you two. Be good for him.”

Ezekiel began fussing about it, he wasn’t much for letting his parents go somewhere without him. “No! Don’t go!”

Ruth took her youngest and held him close, she held him the whole time she was getting dressed and doing her hair. Opting to let him go as she needed to do her makeup. Ezekiel ran off to play with his own toys as his mother began to lay on the charm to his father.04-22-17_5-34-00 PM

“How do I look, Draco?”

He wanted to return to their conversation from earlier about Pegasus, but that was a little hard considering her appearance. She was stunning, and he ultimately decided maybe this talk to hold off till the morning.04-22-17_5-34-51 PM


04-22-17_5-59-25 PM

“That was the best macaroni ever! You’re the best Uncle Peggy. Auntie Cassie makes us gross ‘gluten-free, vegan’ stuff. I love you!”

The words swell in Pegasus’s heart, a six year old’s love is some of the purest love on the planet. A six year old won’t pretend to like you, he knows this ‘I love you’ is real. He needed to believe in that one love, without it he’d crumble under himself.

“I love you too, Ellie. Does Aunt Cassie let you watch TV in bed?”

“No! She makes us do puppet plays to entertain her”

“Absolutely dreadful! Come on munchkin, let’s go watch something in my room.”

The three spend the rest of their hours awake in Pegasus’s room watching a movie about a prince and how he’s awaiting the wed a princess, but his true love is the pauper. It was one of Eleanor’s favorites, Ezekiel fell asleep mere minutes into the movie thankfully.

About half-way in Eleanor drifted off as well. When the movie had ended in the late hours of the night, Pegasus gently woke Eleanor up and sent her to own bed. Pegasus however was stuck with Ezekiel, as he had fallen asleep on his chest.04-22-17_6-04-45 PM

Not wanting to disturb the little one, he decided to just sleep as he was, not bothering to turn out the light or get under the covers.

This was the kind’ve love Pegasus never doubted he had. He enjoyed the little reminders that he had it, but it wasn’t like this familial love would cure his romantic heartache. He often nights laid in bed wanting someone to be there with him in a romantic way.

That’s how he got involved with the tea parties and a man with a septum.

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