1.1~ The Aftermath

So it had finally come, Pegasus was done with the show. He was kicked out, didn’t get a rose. It was an awful feeling, he felt personally responsible for doing something wrong. More than anything he blamed his compliance to Gael’s flirting. It was stupid, the worst thing he could have ever done. Pegasus was weak and somehow Gael found that out and had him wrapped so tight around his finger that he was completely blind sighted by their dramatic farewells.

Pegasus was no idiot, he had followed Gael’s every social media when they became close. Having found a friend he latched onto it and wanted to keep in touch. So of course he witnessed all the scandal, all the outcry about the relationship being shown, and most importantly he witnessed Gael using it to promote.

Gael was smarter than he let on, the manipulative little son of a-

By the time Pegasus was off the show Gael was rising and throwing enough slander to make even the nastiest politician look away in horror. The worst of it was online, though he had seen Gael once outside of his computer. The night he was released from the show, Gael was stood there waiting. It sparked a stupid little flutter in his heart, his big heart wanted to believe maybe Gael hadn’t meant it.

They embraced, it was so comforting and familiar. Something he desperately needed as another round of tears threatened him. A faint whisper came as he felt his lilac curls being twisted around fingers.

“You’re a f&^*$^@ idiot, babe~ Thanks for the track.”

Like that he was gone again, Pegasus had been thoroughly used and thrown away. He’s faced this far too many times in life. After awhile it seems easy to give up.

So Pegasus did. He gave up trying to get close to people.

Before we get into that too far though, allow me to show you what Pegasus’s little breakdown caused.

~ . ~ . ~

Pegasus silently thanked whatever being out there was looking out for him these past few days. The salon was unbearably slow so he was able to keep his outfits in the way of not letting onto his destructive nature. Honestly if anybody saw what happened to him and the spiral he’s been on he’d be too ashamed to ever work in a salon again.

The salon was a quaint little thing in a sleepy part of town. Everyone knew everyone and if you even considered dating around here it was like sin. The town was a family and because of it word traveled awfully fast. However, the people around here weren’t big on electronics, so avoiding the scandal at home was fairly easy.

“Peggy! You’re back!!”

However, out of town family who have been down your neck about the whole ordeal are not easy to avoid. As much as Pegasus loved Draco and Cassiopeia, he didn’t really want to talk about it with them. His siblings had always been on an odd plane about his sexuality- actually no. His sister was always on an odd plane about it, she works with the fruitiest people in business but she thinks being bisexual is mythical.

Throughout work the two tried getting Pegasus to talk, but he simply kept his eyes on the hair in his hands and didn’t worry about anything else.


04-20-17_7-36-15 PM

“Cable, ugh. Television is so overrated.” the albino woman complained about a number of things, Pegasus’s home, his lifestyle and most things he took joy in. Even the simple joys like owning a tv. After work that day his siblings followed him home. Having spent the last six hours in the car just to see him, they weren’t eager to go home without confronting him first about what happened on the Bachelorette.

04-20-17_7-37-07 PM

“So Pegs, what happened-“


“Excuse me? Who do you think you’re talking to?!”

Pegasus took his eyes off the popcorn maker and found a place next to his sister on the sofa. “You Cassio! I don’t want to bring it up okay!? I already feel like a complete fool and I do NOT need you to criticize me about it! I got enough of that bull crap in high school!”

Cassiopeia gasps for only  moment before anger covers her face like a veil. “I am your older sister and I will not be talked to like this!”

“You’re impossible! This isn’t a soap opera or a Broadway show! It’s real f*&#^$( life, maybe you could a grip on it one day!”04-20-17_7-42-14 PM

“Alright children, must I separate you two?” a third voice said coolly, inviting himself to the quarrel. It was his job since Pegasus was born to keep these two from ripping one another apart. Draco was the eldest of the Major’s and keeping his siblings at bay has been like a unpaid job since they were kids.

“Do you HEAR the way he’s talking to me!? If mother were here she’d have washed his mouth out!”

“And she would have your bottom red for being such a whiny woman. Honestly you two are fully grown, I’d have thought by now you’re over this. My children are six and four- this is exactly how they fight.” 

“Ugh,, I cannot believe you! I’m only fighting him on this because he’s miserable. Plus, look at him!! He’s not okay, I know my little brother and he does not wear hats.

04-20-17_7-41-34 PM

“I-. . . I had a change of heart. Ashley he- He taught me they can quite cute and that sometimes it’ll pull together an outfit”

Cassiopeia rolled her eyes and moved to take off the hat, “Oh please! Take that damn thing off already-“

“No! Cassio please don’t I had a bit of a Brittney moment after the show and-“

It was too late, she ripped the hat off of her brother’s head and screamed in horror as she saw the state of his hair. “Oh my god! What happened to you!? This is-“

Draco stood and took his little brother by the arm, gently pulling him up and softly requested he get changed and meet him outside. Clearly this talk needed to be more intimate, his hurt was bad and Draco could tell he needed this offer more than ever thought.


04-20-17_7-47-37 PM

“Move!? Draco I can’t! The salon, my regulars, my-“

The older man put a large hand over Pegasus’s and hushed him. “My request is not for you to move to San Myshuno alone Pega. He has hurt you, she has hurt you, and you have hurt yourself now. The cycle will not end if you stay in a place where you only have your thoughts to terrorize you all day. I ask you move in with me until your mindset is right again. Please, as your older brother I worry for you.”

The two talk till dusk, and by the end of the night it’s agreed. Pega would be moving to San Myshuno and live with his brother.

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